Saturday, October 29, 2011

Disney Designer Princesses

In late summer/early fall, The Disney Store began releasing ten limited edition Disney Designer Princess dolls.

They were available exclusively at The Disney Store (and online), and at $59.50 each, these dolls were a great deal. They're beautiful, with amazing gowns and accessories. I can understand why everyone went crazy over them.

The dolls are now sold out, and boy did I have some adventures trying to get the two I wanted: Jasmine and Tiana. I'm talking long lines, broken Web sites, and a lot of nail biting. I was sure I'd end up with neither, but my dear husband came through for me for both dolls, one by waiting in a very cold line on Michigan Avenue, and the other by getting his computer to somehow get through the checkout. (I'd waited in line at another Disney Store, and they ran out of dolls two people in front of me.)

They were worth the trouble. I haven't even unboxed the dolls yet and I'm absolutely in love with them. They're stunning!

Here is Tiana:

Princess Tiana

Here is Jasmine:

Princess Jasmine

I'll take more pictures once the unboxing happens. :)

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