Thursday, August 27, 2009

Disney World!!!!!

Family Photo
We really ARE having fun, it's just that the sun is all up in our faces!

The night before we were to leave for Disney World, the neighbors behind us had a guest who was drunk and yelling from 7pm until 5am, when I had to get up. I got NO sleep. I'm pretty sure they were still yelling when we left at 6am for the airport. I thought, foolishly, that I'd get to sleep on the plane. Nope. I mean hello, a flight to Orlando, where Disney World is? Kids and babies. Babies hate flying. Babies were screaming the whole time. My iPod Skullcandy ear buds were pretty good but I still didn't sleep well. I wasn't sure how I was going to fare in a theme park, my first day, on so little rest. Fortunately, I had enough adrenaline running that I was able to hit the parks at about 2:15pm and I kept going until 1am, when the awesome Extra Magic Hours ended. Woohoo.

Here are a few highlights that we didn't get video or pictures of. On our first night, we were eating at Liberty Tree Tavern. There were LOADS of people celebrating birthdays. There was a birthday in our room. After everyone sang Happy Birthday and applauded, Aidan yelled out the biggest YAY I'd ever heard. My first instinct was to be kind of mortified, but then the entire room burst out laughing. Another thing happened at LTT. Aidan had asked for a root beer and was given a Coke. I told him to ask the server nicely for a root beer instead, which Aidan did. Not only did the server replace Aidan's Coke with a root beer, he gave it to him in one of the $7 souvenir cups with a light-up Lightning McQueen!

Aidan's Bonus!

Watching Aidan during the parades was SUCH a treat. I remember how I felt the first time I saw a parade, but it was nothing compared to watching Aidan see Celebrate a Dream Come True and Spectromagic.

Aidan also got to help the, well, I call them Magic Makers. They're the guys with fancy brooms that paint Disney characters on the ground with water.

Magical Characters

Aidan was so enthusiastic during the shows that he got singled out at Crush's Turtle Talk, and it was hilarious. He was next to the man who got picked on during Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor so he was on the big screen quite a bit. During two parades/parties, he was pulled out into the street by characters and performers to dance, and at the end of the Toy Story Block Party Bash, he got a little Nerf ball that says "Block Party Bash" on it. He was terrified of Soarin', but when we got off, he said he loved it and said "Can we do that again???"

Garden Grill, as usual, was a pleasure. The characters there are TOP NOTCH, you get to see them tons of times, and the food is outstanding, especially the blueberry buckle. YUMMMM. 1900 Park Fare's characters were hilarious. And autographs are fun.

I watched the High School Musical 3 show, and we got to meet the $heriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood and Marie from The Aristocats. And THE FAIRY GODMOTHER!

Fairy Godmother

But you don't want to read my jabber. You want to see MORE pictures, right? Here goes!

Southwest FTW! Adam and Aidan

On the Magical Express

Daisy Duck Aidan and Goofy Me and Lilo

Us With the Mouse

Aidan and Dale Aidan, Adam and Mickey

Aidan and Stitch Aidan and the Gang

Aidan and Spaceship Earth Love! Aidan and Buzz

Here's a slide show of the whole trip, minus the Photopass pictures, which are not here yet:


And if you're still reading, I encourage you to check out this video of highlights I made of the trip (if you haven't seen it already).

About halfway through the trip, Adam said "We're coming back next year." :) Wheeee! He mentioned trying out Chef Mickey's, and I sure do wish we could stay at the Polynesian, but hey, I'll be happy with Pop Century again if it means having more money to spend in the parks. Shopping for Disney stuff is FUN (especially during the parades when the stores are pretty empty)!

OK, I guess this entry is long enough. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go and continue recovering from a busy August. I've been hit with a cold or mini-flu or something and I'm been drained. Hope you enjoyed my recap and my Disney memories! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Final Countdown!

Only 1 day, 19 hours until we're in the parks! I have finally begun packing and making the preparations. I will have two carry-on bags on the plane. One with my computer and stuff to keep me entertained during the flight, and one full of the stuff we're going to need in the parks, like sunscreen (thank goodness they make little sized sunscreen tubes), sunglasses, and empty water bottles, which we'll fill up there.

Aidan has already packed his carry-on bag. Mickey Mouse coloring book and crayons and markers and colored pencils, stuffed animals, and some books to read. Adam hasn't packed one thing! But we still have all day tomorrow to pack.

I set my alarm so we can check in early on Southwest and get a full row to ourselves. I'll put Aidan by the window. Last time we went to Disney World, Adam and I had to sit apart. Naturally, we were not flying Southwest.

Here is a list of stuff I still need to do:
- charge all camera batteries
- pack clothes and stuff (LOL)
- charge phone
- change Riley into Florida-appropriate clothing
- check in for flight

That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there is more. I'm not even going that long, but there's still a lot of preparation. We're all excited, though. I think Adam may have even talked Aidan into going on Haunted Mansion!

YAY Disney World!!!

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