Tuesday, September 11, 2012

166 Days

Cinderella Castle

That's right, folks. 166 days until our next visit to Walt Disney World!

I know it's time for me to start looking at another trip when I start having dreams about being at Disney World but something weird is in effect as well. Like, I had a dream that we were going on a spontaneous trip, but that I'd forgotten to pack my camera and my bathing suit. Well, I had my pink point and shoot camera, but not my nice Rebel T3. Or I dream that I'm on a coaster and it's at Disney World, but when I wake up I realize the coaster wasn't actually at Disney World but in my dream it was...


The point is that I'm going back and I'm super excited! Last week of February, 2013. Flights are booked and dinner reservations for that first night are booked at Be Our Guest, the new restaurant based on Beauty and the Beast. Of course I have to fit in Garden Grill, Columbia Harbour House, and ABC Commissary while we are there as well.

We've stayed in Port Orleans French Quarter the last three times. I really like that resort. It's small and pretty and easy to get around. But I was thinking of trying something new. I don't want to lose the intimacy of POFQ, so it's a hard choice to make. We'd save around $300 if we tried Art of Animation and stayed in The Little Mermaid rooms, but Adam doesn't really want to do value again (and I'm OK with that). I would be interested in Caribbean Beach (but it sounds HUGE and I don't really want huge) or Coronado Springs. Hmm. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyway, I'm very excited. I get to obsessively look at my favorite Disney blogs and message boards again. I get to plan and unplan meal reservations. And I get to dream of my trip. But the trip is more than four months away so I'm trying to be calm about it. I'm so very blessed that I get to go again to help break up my wintertime blues. :)


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