Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Going Back Home! :)


Over Thanksgiving, my husband told me, out of the blue, "I'm going to take you to Disney World in February. It's part of your Christmas gift."

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was, right? I didn't know the next time I'd be heading out to Disney World. I had no idea it would be this soon!

1. I honestly thought he was tired of going. (This will be my 7th trip.)

2. He rarely suggests travel or vacation that isn't an obligation (like to see family or something like that, or work).

Naturally, I'm thrilled. We'll be going just when I am DONE with winter in Chicago, and it will be during value season, so I'm hoping for low crowds. It will be later in the season, so hopefully it will be warmer than when we went in January of this year. AND it will be over Valentine's Day!

He'd wanted to make it a COMPLETE surprise, but then he remembered that the planning is part of the fun for me. So, he's footing the bill while I pick the meals, plan which parks we're going to hit, and which events we're going to do. All he asks is that we eat at Garden Grill and he gets to ride Haunted Mansion. I AM MORE THAN OKAY WITH BOTH OF THOSE STIPULATIONS!



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