Friday, August 14, 2009

The Final Countdown!

Only 1 day, 19 hours until we're in the parks! I have finally begun packing and making the preparations. I will have two carry-on bags on the plane. One with my computer and stuff to keep me entertained during the flight, and one full of the stuff we're going to need in the parks, like sunscreen (thank goodness they make little sized sunscreen tubes), sunglasses, and empty water bottles, which we'll fill up there.

Aidan has already packed his carry-on bag. Mickey Mouse coloring book and crayons and markers and colored pencils, stuffed animals, and some books to read. Adam hasn't packed one thing! But we still have all day tomorrow to pack.

I set my alarm so we can check in early on Southwest and get a full row to ourselves. I'll put Aidan by the window. Last time we went to Disney World, Adam and I had to sit apart. Naturally, we were not flying Southwest.

Here is a list of stuff I still need to do:
- charge all camera batteries
- pack clothes and stuff (LOL)
- charge phone
- change Riley into Florida-appropriate clothing
- check in for flight

That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there is more. I'm not even going that long, but there's still a lot of preparation. We're all excited, though. I think Adam may have even talked Aidan into going on Haunted Mansion!

YAY Disney World!!!

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