Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh Yeah!

Got the travel documents. That's always a good time, and it never gets old. Because you know what it means!

The trip is COMING!!

In the package, there were our documents and vouchers and everything, but Suzy, the best travel agent ever, included some surprises. She put in a Peter Pan slap bracelet, a Minnie Mouse car antennae topper, and a lanyard for carrying Keys to the World and stuff. She is awesome and I will use her for every Disney trip I plan from now on. She's like an old friend.

Only 19 days until Disney World now! Aidan and I are getting to a feverish pitch in our excitement. I've started gathering supplies for the trip. We won't even be there for that long, but I still love to plan and prepare. So far, I've gotten:
  • sunglasses for Aidan (Wall•E ones for $1.62 at The Disney Store!)
  • ponchos
  • a water mister
  • sunscreen
  • Disney dollars that are put away for Aidan ($35 worth)
I can't even believe that I'll be there soon!!! I'm so excited!

More soon! <3

P.S. Dang. The crowd level prediction for August 16 went up to 7. That's gonna suck. Oh well.

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