Thursday, July 2, 2009

45 Days!

Forty-five days until Disney World! I called my travel agent yesterday to pay off the balance. Soon, we'll be getting all the fun packages from WDW, like our Magical Express tags, and our itinerary.

My travel agent, Suzy, told me that I'm really lucky we got Pop Century. It's been sold out for weeks now, at least for people using Free Dining. I wonder what that will say about the crowd level. I've been spoiled; the last few times I've gone to Disney, it has not been very crowded. It's going to be hot and crowded this time. I'm really going to have to exercise some patience, wear lots of tank tops, and use sunscreen. I also plan to wear bucket hats (or ears), and to use water misters.

Now is the time to start planning for real! I have to pull down my spreadsheet. Check the schedules. And just... have fun.

Forty-five days!

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