Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disney Dreaming

We just had the mother of blizzards in Chicago. So bad that my job actually closed on Wednesday, and this morning's (non)commute was so stressful that I ended up going back home to warm up. I was so frustrated that I decided to take another day off. My boss told me to write a Disney blog entry, so here I am.

I AM SO READY FOR JUNE, YOU GUYS. Seriously, this morning, I stood on a train platform in 1˚F temperatures for an hour. I am so over the cold and snow, and every day I dream about being in Florida with the sun beating down on me while I nom on a chocolate and M&M covered marshmallow or maybe even a Casey's hotdog. It is that serious, folks.

The past couple of weeks, I went ahead and put the deposit on our Disney trip and extra night at Port Orleans French Quarter, got Adam to book the plane tickets, and made our meal reservations. If you're one of the three regular readers of this blog, you know that I like to try something new every trip. Here are my meal plans for our June trip:

Saturday - Whatever strikes our fancy. We won't be on the meal plan yet, so I figure we can eat at Downtown Disney or even in one of the resort food courts.
Sunday - Liberty Tree Tavern dinner (Of course I had to put in a tried and true favorite!)
Monday - Garden Grill dinner (Always.)
Tuesday - Whispering Canyon Cafe dinner (This is our new place. The menu looks scrumptious, and I hear that you can get into some real shenanigans here!)
Wednesday - Chef Mickey's dinner (I've never done this place for dinner before and I am eager to try the parmesan mashed potatoes.)

I used to follow a certain pattern every single time I went to Disney World. This time, I'm going to be doing things differently. It's just about time for me to eat dinner, so stay tuned for more details. :)


Wendy Crowe said...

I know! This weather TOTALLY SUCKS!! I so wish I was sitting outside Casey's munching on hot dogs and Cracker Jack. (I don't care for
We loved Liberty Tree but our new favorite ( and I saw this on your wish list) was Teppan Edo in Japan in Epcot. I am such a picky eater and I was afraid to go there, but it was AWESOME! HIGHLY recommended!! It's not a character dinner, but it's FUN! Oh yeah...and the princess breakfast in Norway. At least 6 princesses!
Waiting for more know I need this! LOL

Dara said...

can't wait to hear about it!

Ronni said...

I've done the princess place in Epcot for lunch and I enjoyed it, but Adam did NOT like it one bit! (He got something nasty, so it's his own fault.) They gave us free champagne.

Teppan Edo will have to wait for a child-free trip. I don't know if Aidan will go for it. :)

I'll post an update soon. Glad you guys are enjoying my blog. :)


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