Friday, February 15, 2013

Ten Days!!

You guys!!! Just ten more days until DISNEY WORLD!!

And I've been so busy making plans for the June trip that I keep forgetting to be excited about THIS trip. HA.

The cool thing about this trip is that one of my yoga teacher trainee classmates will be there with her family. We're going to try to meet up at some points. She has the Park Hopper and we don't, so they'll have a lot more flexibility. It's going to be so much fun! :)

I'm only just now starting to think of what to pack. And a game plan--as I start a new freelance gig the same day we fly out for vacation. Depending on the schedule, I may have to lug my computer into the parks with me. Thank goodness Disney has free WiFi now. I know, it's silly to start a job the day I'm going on vacation, but I am freelance and I'm not turning down extra income, yo.

For the second time, I am not doing the Photopass CD. We didn't do it last time and I was fine. Now for June? I think I will just because it's going to be such a momentous trip.

I keep seeing, on various forums, that Disney (especially Magic Kingdom) is super crowded this time of year for some reason, when it normally isn't. Tour groups, cheerleading and dance competitions, the new Fantasyland, and Free Dining are my suspect culprits. That will be disappointing, but I'm sure I'll manage. I just have to get lots of rest, stay hydrated and medicated, and exercise huge amounts of patience. Which I don't have a lot of in big crowds these days.

I do hope the weather is amazingly warm. I'm ready for short sleeves and the sun on my skin. This winter in Chicago hasn't even been that terrible, but I still miss summer. I'll be happy to get a taste of it in a few weeks. Or, if not summer, then spring.

Let the countdown SERIOUSLY BEGIN!!! :D

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