Monday, May 18, 2009

Disney Love

Fewer than 90 days!!!!

Today, my travel agent made my ADRs. By the way, I HIGHLY recommend using Mouse Fan Travel. I'd never used an agent before, but I will from now on. Not only can they quote you a package and hold it for a few days (which came in handy while waiting to get approval to take the time off), but they will proactively apply any discounts that arise while waiting to take your vacation. There are no fees to use them. On top of that, they make your ADRs for you, which is great because I TOTALLY forgot that my window opened today!

Suzy--the best travel agent ever--got me all of my first choices:

8/16: Liberty Tree Tavern at 6:40pm

8/17: 1900 Park Fare at 4:30pm

8/18: The Garden Grill at 7:20pm

8/19: Hollywood and Vine at 12:20pm

8/20: 'Ohana at 9:25am

YAY. Four character meals. Two places I've never eaten before. One good time!

* * *
On a Disney bulletin board that I post, someone asked what our favorite non-ride things to do at Disney are. Just thinking about it made me smile. And I came up with this:
  • I LOVE talking to all the different people from all over the country and the world.
  • I like talking to cast members, the ones that are probably more invisible to most guests.
  • I like sitting on the rocking chair and just relaxing.
  • I LOVE meeting characters (might do autographs this year!)
  • Fireworks. Parades. Character meals.
Just BEING there makes me happy. And thinking about all that stuff makes me think of even more things I love about Disney. Such as:
Wearing Mickey ears everywhere, and feeling left out when I don't.

And, in even more happiness, Touring Plans lowered its crowd predictions. If I am not mistaken, it will be similar to how it was when Adam and I went for our honeymoon last year. This is really good news! I enjoyed walking onto rides, and watching the parks all but empty when it rained. We don't leave when it rains. We pop on our ponchos and stick it out, because in the evening, once that rain clears up, the park is even more magical.


Laura Ellen said...

I remember the characters at Garden Grill being really fun!

midnightbunny said...

I really enjoy going to Disney and just seeing the beautiful architecture of the buildings. Even though they are somewhat "faux", they actually do hold up to true European style and remind me of when I lived in Germany as a child. Going to Disney every year now with my husband and children, brings back memories for me of living in Germany, especially when I see the castle, and the Tudor style buildings in their fairytale settings, etc. There is something incredibly magical about Disney in so many ways. We haven't scheduled a trip to Disney yet for this year, but I'm hoping we will for the upcoming Fall season. It is so exciting. :)


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