Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hours Are Up!

The park hours are finally all up. I put them into a nice spreadsheet that I got from Plan A Magical Vacation so that I can have an "all-in-one" glance at the plans for the four days we'll be at Disney World.

All the initial plans I had are pretty much blown to the water--except for the Sunday we get there. The ADRs I want for that night can still work because I was planning on being in Magic Kingdom that day anyway. Plus, they have extra evening hours which I like better than the morning hours. I will just make sure Aidan gets a nap on the plane or something so that he can stay up and enjoy the park at night.

The extra magic morning hour in Magic Kingdom is the same day as Spectromagic, which is my favorite parade. However, that morning hour makes the park VERY crowded and I'd like to avoid it. It's already going to be crowded as it is: free dining, summer season, etc. If I can avoid extra crowds, I'm in. In addition, Fantasmic, which I have never seen, is the same night!

So now, I have to once again, rearrange which days we're going to what, and really make use of the Park Hopper. Thank God I got the Park Hopper--I'm really going to need it this time!

Sunday - Magic Kingdom. Hands down.
Monday - My original plan was Epcot. Then I changed it to Magic Kingdom. I think it'll be a good Magic Kingdom day. No parades, no extra hours. I'm hoping that everyone will be at Hollywood Studios taking advantage of that extra morning hour and then just STAY there. Maybe we can hop over to Epcot in the evening for dinner and Illuminations, or even to Animal Kingdom to take advantage of the extra evening hours there.
Tuesday - This day will be crazy. Here is my dilemma. Spectromagic and Fantasmic are on the same night. So I figure this. If I can get the Fantasmic Dining Package, we'll do that. If not, we'll watch Spectro. Then hop over to Epcot for its extra magic evening hours. So, looks like Tuesday will be: Epcot, Hollywood or Magic Kingdom, then Epcot again. Somehow, we have to get Garden Grill in here, and they only do dinner.
Wednesday - Hollywood Studios is having its extra evening hours that night, but it's possible that this might be the only night we get to see Illuminations. So what shall we do? Probably some more hopping. Epcot in the morning, and then dinner there, then Hollywood Studios for their extra hours. Or Hollywood, Epcot, Hollywood.

Ah, the madness!!

Thursday - This is easy. I didn't buy park tickets for this day, so we're just going to have breakfast at Ohana and then hang around Downtown Disney or resort hop until time for us to catch our flight.

Adam is happy to let me do all this crazy planning. It seemed so much easier when planning our honeymoon! But this time we won't be there as long, so I want to take more advantage of the evening extra magic hours, and eat at all the restaurants we want (especially Garden Grill!) and somehow manage not to tire ourselves out with all this running around!

It's going to be a wild ride, but I'm still looking forward to it.

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