Saturday, September 25, 2010

Disney Dreamer

Sometimes, I like to get on the Disney World site and get a quote for what I'd consider my ULTIMATE Disney vacation. Well, one of them, anyway. So, this is what I chose for this one:

December 20, 2011 thru December 30, 2011
Adam, Aidan, and Me
Magic Your Way package plus Dining
Polynesian Resort, Club level with concierge service, Theme Park view
Ten day tickets (w/Park Hopper)

The grand total?


That is not including flights!

I also priced it for September 10, 2011 thru September 20, 2011. I love September at the World. Halloween parties, autumn decorations, beautiful skies, and low low crowds. Unfortunately, I can't take Aidan during that time; he'll be at school. :(

Here is what I got for me and Adam, everything else the same:


Man, the Poly is not cheap, even during the value season! But it's so pretty. I love that Resort. But wow. $9K for a vacation, huh? I promise you that our trip in January doesn't even come close to that cost. Granted, we're going during the off-season, we're staying in a Moderately priced resort, and we're not going for ten days--only five days/four nights. But we're not even near half of that cost! Crazy.

I can see why some people feel that Disney World is way out of budget, with options like this out there. Fortunately, Disney does offer the Value Resort tier and the Moderate Resort tier, different ticket options, and different dining plan levels, or you can choose not to use any of Disney's accommodations and go on your own. There are so many ways to do Disney, and they are all magical and amazing. You just choose what's best for your family and go from there.

I'm happy to be going again in January. It'll be my fifth trip, but definitely not my last. I am amazingly blessed to be able to go so many times, and to hit Disneyland from time to time as well. Even though I won't have theme park views (from my hotel room) or a concierge at my beck and call, I will still have a magical time because I'll be at Disney World, my favorite place on Earth.

It is fun to dream about the fancy rooms and things, though. If only money were no object. Maybe someday. :)

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