Friday, September 10, 2010

Let the Obsessive Planning Begin!

I'm already combing the boards, looking for tips and tricks. Information about weather conditions, crowd levels. I've even got my spreadsheet started.

Here are the MUST DOs for Adam and me:

· Garden Grill at Epcot. That restaurant has such great food, and the character interaction is phenomenal. It's a guaranteed chance to see Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Chip and Dale. Did I mention the food? Om nom yum!

· Haunted Mansion. Because Adam is obsessed with it.

· Carousel of Progress. It's so quaint and cool.

· Mickey's Philharmagic. My favorite 3D show of them all. Of course, I have not seen Captain EO or It's Tough To Be a Bug yet.

· Wishes. I love those fireworks SO MUCH. They are truly magical. I even own the soundtrack.

· Pins! I always buy at least one pin commemorating the year that I visited the park. Sometimes I'll even get a little Mickey Mouse. Only if he's wearing a cute outfit, though. ;)

· Columbia Harbour House. I don't know what it is about that place, but I enjoy their food. I also like Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. With us hitting Magic Kingdom two days (more than likely), I'll probably get to eat at both. Although--it would be nice to try something new. *ponders*

This time, we're staying four nights and hitting the parks five days. So, we'll probably do Animal Kingdom on our last day. Frankly, Animal Kingdom usually doesn't do much for me. It seems to be extra hot and extra crowded, but neither of those should be an issue due to the time of year we are going. And when we popped in for an hour with Aidan last summer, we had a good time. So, I'm thinking we should go there and even if we don't get to ride the safari or anything, it'd be nice to see The Lion King show, and the Finding Nemo show, and to try to track down Pocahontas. There are not a lot of must-sees or must-dos in AK for me so it should be fairly relaxing to wander around and take photos. However, if we decide to do a different park on that last day, I wouldn't be mad.

I'll probably get a Mickey Mouse bar (this guy: ) and not be able to finish it, AS USUAL, and I'll be searching high and low for churros. Mmm, churros. I'll buy a Mickey-shaped crispy rice treat and I WILL ACTUALLY EAT IT THIS TIME. Oh, and I must go to Basin at the Grand Floridian and get those bath bombs with the Mickey Mouses in them! I WILL eat some chocolate chip cookies there this time, dang it. They always smell so good, and I never get any. Maybe I'll even have enough saved up for one of those Dooney & Burke Mickey Mouse purses!!! *squee*

We'll also be there the same time Melissa and Eli will be there. Those stinkers are staying in the Polynesian, something of which I am a bit jealous. That's my DREAM resort. It used to be the Grand Floridian, but I visited the Poly last summer for breakfast at Ohana and fell in love with the place! Plus it's just a little bit less expensive. But then, if I am going to be paying to stay in a deluxe, I guess the price doesn't matter too much. It's all costly.

We're going to be staying in Port Orleans French Quarter, which is a step up from our usual Pop Century haunt. I love Pop Century. They have the tie-dyed cheesecake and the coolest theming out of any of the value resorts. However, with the free dining and Port Orleans only costing about $100 more, it seemed too good to pass up. I'm excited to try something new.

I like to try new things every time we go, as well as do something traditional. In 2008, I rode Tower of Terror for the first time, and sat through that crazy Tiki Room thing. Hall of Presidents was new for me, too. Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare was great and a lot less frustrating than breakfast at Crystal Palace, where people move super slow for some reason. In 2009, I ate at Liberty Tree Tavern and Columbia Harbour House for the first time.

Who knows what's in store for us this time? All I know is that I am eager to be there!

YAY so excited!! :D

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