Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Top Five Disney Coasters

Space Mountain

Disney has so much to offer, and their rides are no exception. Now, I grew up in Cleveland, OH, which was just a couple of hours from Cedar Point. Cedar Point is known for its record-breaking and unprecedented coasters, and I'd ridden almost all of them, until I moved from OH in 2008.

Because I'd been reared on riding the tallest, fastest, blah blah blah coasters, I just have to say that I've never been afraid of Disney coasters. That's not to say Disney coasters are for wimps or that they're no fun. They are loads of fun, because they're not just full of thrills. They're also amazingly themed and fit in well with Disney's brand.

Wow, did I just use the word brand?

Anyway, here are my favorite Disney coasters:

5. Space Mountain. A classic. The dark, the space, the whole 80s vibe makes Space Mountain truly magical. I have to say that I'm a bigger fan of the Disneyland version, though, with the music right in your car and being able to sit next to your companion. I love them both regardless.

4. Rockin' Roller Coaster. The blast off at the beginning is the BEST. It's the only coaster at Disney World that goes upside down and has corkscrews and let me tell you, they are amazing. The coaster is kind of jerky, which is hard when you have to keep your head smashed to the seat back for that blast off. But it's a lot of fun to ride and probably the most thrilling coaster in all of the Disney parks.

Rockin Rollercoaster!

3. 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. This new coaster is freaking adorable. Smoothest ride in the park, and the cars gently rock from side to side! The queue for this coaster is the best queue of any coaster, with fun activities and beautiful theming.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This coaster has some of the best theming in the park. It's an old favorite--a runaway train in a mining town. There's something sweet about it and I love, love, love to ride it. Over and over and over.

1. Expedition Everest. OK, I lied when I said I wasn't afraid of Disney coasters. The first time I rode Expedition Everest, I was terrified. I didn't know why. Probably because I knew it was in the dark and it went backwards and there was a YETI inside. But I'm a brave soul. I rode it and LOVED it and it became my favorite. If I can, I ride it multiple times in a day. I love it just that much.

On Expedition Everest
my first time riding!

Honorable mention: I am not sure if it even counts as a coaster, but I freaking LOVE Test Track. It's just such a well-designed ride that is great for all ages. At first, I wasn't a fan of the redesign, but now I'm in love with it.

So, there you have it. My five favorite coasters at Disney Parks. I hope to make this a series, so keep coming back! :)

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