Saturday, October 2, 2010


Happy Things to report here! First is:


Second is that we added an extra day to our vacation. I'd been waffling about it for a while, and finally Adam and I just went for it. I changed the flights and contacted my travel agent just an hour or so ago. Now I will feel even more relaxed at the parks. It's going to be interested to have 6 days in the parks with no Park Hopper™. This will be the first time I've been and not had the Park Hopper. It's just that we typically stay in the same park for all of most of the day anyway--I'd started to feel that what I spent on the Park Hopper could have been used somewhere else, like SOUVENEARS!

So now I added another character meal to our dining agenda. On Day 6, we're going to go to 'Ohana for breakfast. It's pretty early, but I want to maximize our time in the parks as we'll be flying home that evening. And since we'll be taking the Magical Express, who knows how early we'll need to be back at the hotel to catch it! For that reason, I picked Animal Kingdom as our last park of the trip, because that park isn't open as late anyway. I won't feel like I'm missing out on stuff. Looks like we'll still miss the Jammin' Jungle Parade (I have never seen it) but maybe we'll catch it next time. Or I could switch some days around and do Animal Kingdom on a different day, or we could skip it altogether again and just hit Magic Kingdom again. There are many possibilities.

I am a planner. I even have a spreadsheet! But that doesn't mean I won't be flexible, especially for those last couple of days.

Thirdly, the crowd level predictions for our week are amazing. The highest I have is a 4.1 (out of 10). Now, the last time I was in a park with a 4 or so, it was beautiful. Not crowded at all. I have a feeling I might get spoiled by the 1s and 2s (and even a .5 on one day!) we'll be having as well, so that 4.1 might seem relatively crowded, but I think we'll be OK. After dealing with 6s and 7s in August of 2009, this will be a nice break.

I'm hoping the weather will be nice. The average temperatures are in the 70s F, which I will adore. Still, it can get super cold or be super warm. Most people said that they've worn shorts, tee-shirts, long pants, coats, and gloves all in the same week. SOUNDS LIKE ILLINOIS TO BE HONEST. But the rub is that we're not outside all day here. So I plan to take layers. Lots of hoodies, some gloves, a cute hat. Jeans. I don't care how dorky it looks, but I'll probably wear my Keens with socks. Bwah.

I'm having fun, trying to think of all the fun little things I want to do. I'm trying to save for souvenears. I always say I won't go nuts but I ALWAYS DO. I always underestimate the sheer amount of shinies and happies that are waiting for me to buy them. I do plan to get more earrings, one of those Dooney & Burke purses, some pins, some hair do-dads, and a stuffed Mickey commemorating the year. Stuff for Aidan, of course. Postcards to send to friends. I think I might be able to control myself better this time, but again, we'll see. *innocent look*

Anyway, that's all for this post. :) 'Til next time!


BruceWDW said...

Saw your mention on DIS - and I added your site to the Disney Blogger Collection.

Casey said...

Hey now it is 99 days! How exciting. We are going in December and I can't wait

Casey said...

oops I misread... It is probably lower than 99 now

Ronni said...

Thanks, BruceWDW! :)

Casey, do you have a blog? I'd love to read about your Disney experiences.


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