Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jack's Resort Anagrams

Originally found here, Jack Spence designed an anagram quiz starring the Disney Resorts. Now, I love Disney, but I also love me some anagrams. I decided to try my hand at it! (Disclaimer: just because I love anagrams doesn't mean I all that good at them!) Thank goodness he provided clues, which helped me a bit. My answers are below, in bold. Starred answers mean that I had to get a little bit of help. (blush)

1 A Cub Belch - Sandy
Beach Club

2 A Dark Bowl - Atlantic City

3 A Massive Troll - Celluloid
All Star Movies*

4 Be A Ranch Cabbie - West Indies
Caribbean Beach

5 Betrayal Woke - Cove
Bay Lake Tower*

6 Country Pep - 100
Pop Century

7 Darn Frigid Loan - Admitted 27th
Grand Floridian

8 Deaf Ogres Hens - Olive, Kelly, Hunter
Shades of Green

9 Demon Gold Milk Again - Creature
Animal Kingdom Lodge

10 Downers Lifters - Stronghold
Fort Wilderness*

11 Goat Grasps Rains - Racetrack
Saratoga Springs

12 God Sells New Ride - Forest
Wilderness Lodge

13 Insane Ploy - Papeete

14 Butch Lacy - Ship
Yacht Club*

15 Loaner Sport - French City
Port Orleans

16 My Rancor Poet - Up to date

17 Parrots Stalls - Athletic
All Star Sports

18 Poor Rancid Songs - Explorer
Coronado Springs*

19 Rustic Llamas - Harmony
All Star Music

20 Stewed Yolk - Hemmingway
Old Key West

ETA: Here are the answers . I got them all right! :)

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