Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rope Drop!!

I like to try new things when I go to Disney World. Usually it's a new restaurant or a new attraction or a ride. But this time, I plan to attend a Magic Kingdom Rope Drop.

*insert fanfare here*

OK, wait, WHAT? I've never done a Rope Drop? And I call myself a DISNEY WORLD FREAK? What the what?

See, what had happened was...I almost did one in 2005. We were just a few minutes late, and it was unintentional. Meaning, we just happened to arrive as it was happening. On the video, you can hear everyone counting down in the background and Mickey Mouse jabbering away. We were on our way to breakfast, probably the Crystal Palace. I was walking and trying to get my then two-year-old to walk on his own, but he wasn't having it. He wanted me to carry him. I remember feeling disappointed that I couldn't walk quickly enough, especially while carrying Aidan, to get up to where the good times were happening.

I did a Disneyland Rope Drop in 2009. That was pretty cool, being at the park so early. It was chilly at first, but it warmed up during the day. That was thanks to Melissa and Eli, who are our resident Disneyland experts. It's to the point that when I see the pictures, I crave chocolate donuts because that's what we all munched on in the car on the way to the park.

Anyway, I think I am ready to do a Magic Kingdom Rope Drop. We only have one chance. Our second day there. It will be tricky because we're going to be doing the Extra Magic Hours late the night before. I am not an early riser by nature. Adam is. He gets up every morning at 6am no matter what time zone we're in. It'll be ME who's holding everything up. Still, we have ADRs at Crystal Palace that morning, so it really will be in our best interest to be there for Rope Drop anyway. Not that we'll benefit too much from it; we'll be eating instead of hitting attractions and such. Still, the crowd level is pretty low for that day, so I'm not too worried about getting to do the things we'll want to do. Besides, I just want to do it, so I can say I've done a Rope Drop at Magic Kingdom for once in my life. Even if it does mean getting up insanely early during my vacation. It'll be worth it.

But I can do it. It'll help that there won't be any EMH that morning--so I don't have to get up at an ungodly hour or anything.


Dara said...

we were there for one in disneyland too, it was pretty cool.

Casey said...

I am a hardcore Disney fan too and sadly I haven't done rope drop either. Usually I am with a big group and they decide what we do but maybe this upcoming trip I will do one

Ronni said...

Let's all go for it. Next time we go to a Disney Park, at least one Rope Drop, yes? :)


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